Treasure Hunt


*** The Lords of Freedom treasure hunt has been completed. There may be additional treasure hunts in the future. ***


Treasure caches are based on the following excerpts from the book:


[Speaking to Xan] Thoth said, "O remember, remember, all that Ma'at has spoken. Now, we have one more gift for you. Last night in a hallowed ceremony we embedded in your staff a shimmering gemstone. In some cultures this stone is called Tiger Eye. As you can see, it has rich layers and waves of gold and brown which appear to be animated. We use this stone to represent all-seeing, all-knowing, divine eyes. Tiger Eye stones are also symbolic of power, protection, prosperity, integrity, courage, balance, and truth. 

"This Tiger Eye stone has been anointed, marked, and endowed as part of the rod of power which you will weld as a scepter of truth and freedom. When you are holding this staff, it will feel warm when truth is expressed and cold when there is deceit. To fulfill your mission as a Royal Guardian you will need to know who you can trust, for trust is the foundation of freedom."



Each treasure cache contains an actual Tiger Eye gemstone which has been anointed and marked in accordance with ancient tradition. This stone is symbolically connected with The Lords of Freedom. It is hoped that those who acquire these stones will become wise guardians of truth and freedom.