PDF Reader Info

We recommend Xodo PDF reader for all our books, which is free and has some great features.

Xodo can be launched as a web app at this link: www.xodo.com

That same link also provides a download that can be installed on your computer.

The Xodo app can be downloaded and installed on phones and tablets from the Google play store or the Itunes Apple store.

PDF Instructions: Sometimes finding the PDF after you download it can be a problem. On a computer just make sure you save it in a folder that will work for you. However, mobile devices will sometimes save it in an obscure location. You can ususally find it by opening the Xodo (or other) PDF reader and doing a search for the title of the book. The search feature should locate it when you enter the first word. Thereafter, you could find it easily by looking under Recent, or you could use your device's file manager app to move the PDF to a more convenient location.